Komet Capital

We are really excited to announce you that Olivier joins Komet Capital as a full stack Solidity Developer.

Olivier Riccini is a software developer who has worked for companies of all sizes, startups, big corporations, and public institutions. Blockchain enthusiast, he decided to make blockchain development his main priority. Since then, he’s working as an Ethereum developer and has already contributed to different projects (like Props Token).

Olivier strongly believes in a decentralized world.

Continually exploring blockchain disruptive abilities, he has a significant interest in Decentralized Finance (DeFi), the sector the most impacted so far. He is continuously trying to stay up to date with the different protocols, implementing solutions, and investing in them. Olivier thinks that blockchain is a technology with extraordinary potential.

Unfortunately, not everyone benefits from it yet due to its elitist aspect. Massive adoption will only happen if we make this technology more accessible by putting the users’ needs first.

Olivier’s Linkedin profile

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