We are delighted to announce that Lovejoy joins us as a Senior Strategic Analyst at Komet.

Lovejoy is a crypto investor and enthusiast with a background in traditional finance.

He joins Komet with experience in the full financial ‘stack’ (back, middle and front office) on both the buy side and sell side. Although he has informally advised several crypto ventures in the past, this marks the first time he has joined a team in an official capacity.

Armed with a keen eye for incentive design, and deep attention to tokenomics, he is thrilled at the opportunity to advance the DeFi space forward with Komet.

Lovejoy is also adept at distilling complex investment concepts into simple ones using everyday language, making them easier to understand for both experts and non-experts alike.

A community-powered hedge fund. Governed and owned by the people. For the people. Launching soon on Ethereum.