Introducing the Komet Capital White Paper

It’s finally here!

Our white paper that explains all the wonderful, innovative concepts behind the most ground-breaking decentralized hedge fund to date. In it you will find details behind:

  • How does the Komet ecosystem work?
  • What makes Komet different?
  • What is the use case of Nova?
  • What is supernova?

And much more.

Remember — this is only the start, and we have so much more planned. We are very proud to share this with you and very grateful to our community who has more than patiently awaited this moment. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it!

As always, we look forward to building the future of finance with all of you by our side. Thank you to everyone who patiently waited with us. A special thanks to Châu Oddaa who appears to have devoted many sleepless nights in anticipation of this release.

Looking forward to sharing future developments soon!

Go to the Komet Capital White Paper



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Komet Capital

Komet Capital

A community-powered hedge fund. Governed and owned by the people. For the people. Launching soon on Ethereum.