Komet Capital

Introducing the future Komet Capital Mobile App

The Approach

The idea behind the Mobile App is to bring to each user the mobility they need.

The user experience matters

We will make every effort to ensure that our users can use and participate in the Komet ecosystem in the most optimal conditions. Obviously, a flawless user experience is a must.

Main features

Let us present to you all the great features the users will be able to use with the Komet Capital Mobile Application.

Wallet management

Tokens management

  • Add liquidity to the pool
  • Stake KOMET LP tokens (with all the stats and features about the staking process)

Swap tokens

Hedge Funds



  • No need to go to Uniswap anymore
  • Improved User Experience
  • Clean User Interface
  • Available on Apple Store & Android PlayStore


  • Mnemonics password
  • Recovery Process
  • All ressources directly integrated and verified


  • Beta release with: Wallet management (create, recover, details..) and Tokens management (transfer, swap, add liquidity, show transactions history, price evolution, …)
  • Version 1: staking feature added
  • Version 2: Hedge fund management feature added

A community-powered hedge fund. Governed and owned by the people. For the people. Launching soon on Ethereum.