Komet Capital

Hey guys, the team will delaying a bit the staking launch.

First of all, integrity of code and user experience are paramount to our mission at Komet Finance. Although we would have loved to push this on time, releasing a knowingly faulty product in order to simply stick to the roadmap violates our values and ultimately comes at the expense of our users. That is not what we stand for. Building great things sometimes takes patience, and we remain very excited about what is to come.

Sneek picture of the future staking platform

Why ?

Edgar alerted us few hours ago that the code will need more testing.
Nothing alarming, he thinks it is necessary to do a deeper test and we think so too.

It would be better not to rush it/get it right because mistakes are hard to recover from

How long ?

We expect to delay it for between 2 days and 4 days (which is pull the staking launch around Monday 11/30).

Around 48 hours more for code and the testing phase,
24 hours for the Audit and the last 24 hours for adjusting the code related to Vidar’s review and then for the launch.

The team is available of Telegram to answer your questions.

Liquidity Locked today

We heard you.

The Team funds (3,000 KOMET) and also the KOMET/ETH pair address will be locked today with Unicrypt.

As we feel totally legitimate and confident in the project, we had planned this task later in the development process. However, we have heard you and we feel it is necessary to do so today.

Thank you.
The Team.

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