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In our previous article, we explained our issue in brief (https://kometcapital.medium.com/concerning-the-fee-issue-on-nova-714efe1139e0)

Here we will detail some of the solutions and associated incentives available to you for each of these options.

Solution 1: Continue staking until the end of the Nova Distribution Period

As we previously said, the overall NOVA reward calculation will remain functional, so you can simply continue to stake until…

At the end of the week, we experienced an unexpected issue on the NOVA staking contract. Please find a quick overview of the problem below and a more detailed article about the issue, the solutions, and every other thing you should know soon.

Bug details

  • The fees calculation has an underflow when…

We are really excited to announce you that Olivier joins Komet Capital as a full stack Solidity Developer.

Olivier Riccini is a software developer who has worked for companies of all sizes, startups, big corporations, and public institutions. Blockchain enthusiast, he decided to make blockchain development his main priority. …

We are thrilled to announced that Oumuamua joins Komet Capital as a full time Solidity Developer.

Oumuamua is an iOS developer who has fully converted to Ethereum and solidity development. Working as a blockchain dev trainer, he has grokked the ins and outs of all that entails Ethereum blockchain development such as cryptography, consensus mechanisms, smart contracts, governance, etc.

Having participated and won bounties in multiple ETHDenver conferences as well as exploring DeFi concepts early in the game such as bonding curves, flash loans, DAO governance, and TokenSets integration as possible collateral on the Aave lending platform, Oumuamua has recognized the immense power of solidity development right off the bat.

Welcome in the team Oumuamua!

It’s finally here!

Our white paper that explains all the wonderful, innovative concepts behind the most ground-breaking decentralized hedge fund to date. In it you will find details behind:

  • How does the Komet ecosystem work?
  • What makes Komet different?
  • What is the use case of Nova?
  • What is supernova?

And much more.


Komet Capital

A community-powered hedge fund. Governed and owned by the people. For the people. Launching soon on Ethereum.

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